Facts: About The Famous Whopper From Burger King

It’s Possible That The Whopper Was The First Of All Of Fast Food’s Most Renowned Items, Like The Bucket Of Chicken, The Bmt, The Frosty, And That Other Famous Burger From The Place We Won’t Mention Here; Yet, It’s Possible That The Whopper Wasn’t The First.

Since Its Introduction More Than Sixty Years Ago, This Renowned Sandwich Has Established Itself As A Mainstay In The Burger Industry And Is A Surefire Way For Burger King Locations All Over The World To Make A Profit.

But In All Honesty, How Much Do You Know About It? To Put It Simply, It’s A Hamburger. That Part Isn’t Hard At All.

To Be More Specific, It Is A Beef Patty That Has Been Charbroiled, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Ketchup, And Sliced Onion, All Of Which Are Housed On A Bun That Has Sesame Seeds.

Additionally, It Has A Fairly Large Size. Although This Is Common Knowledge, It Is Important To Note That This Is Not Exactly The Healthiest Thing In The World.

Aside From All Of That, Though, The Whopper Has A Rich History That Includes Accidental Creations, Nerdy Slogans, Foolish Advertising Campaigns, Lgbtq+ Pride, And Even Horse Meat.

This History Can Be Found Here. These Are A Few Things About Burger King’s Iconic Burger That You May Or May Not Already Know.

The Whopper, A Creation Of Burger King, Was Born

Jim Mclamore, Co-Founder Of The Fast Food Chain Insta Burger King, Rethought The Company’s Approach To Preparing Burgers In The ’50s.

His Technique, Which Made Use Of A Broiler Conveyor Belt That He Had Created, Resulted In A Superior Taste Burger, But It Was His Next Invention In 1957 That Caused A Major Stir.

He Blew The Lid Off Of One Of Those Flame-Broiled Burgers. Mclamore Writes In His Book, As Reported By The Washington Post, “I Suggested That We Title Our Product A Whopper, Thinking That This Would Transmit Imagery Of Something Large.”

For A Long Time, The Whopper Was The Only Game In Town When It Came To Fast Food. Neither The Big Mac Nor Its Main Rival, The Quarter Pounder, Would Be Introduced Until 1968 And 1972, Respectively.

The Whopper Quickly Became Famous Across The United States. In The 20 Years That Followed, Mclamore Held The Position Of Burger King President And Chairman.

He Remained In That Position Until His Death In 1996, After Which He Was Promoted To Chairman Emeritus.

Unintentionally Creating The Whopper Jr

Burger King’s Whopper Jr. Is A Staple On Every Decent Menu. Pretty Much What It Sounds Like: A Whopper With A Slightly Reduced Patties And Bun.

Even Though It’s Probably As Popular As Any Other Burger King Menu Item, It Was Actually An Accident That Led To Its Creation.

When Luis Arenas Pérez, A Burger King Employee In Puerto Rico, Opened His Shop For The First Time In 1963, He Discovered That The Bread Molds Needed To Produce The Restaurant’s Whoppers Hadn’t Been Delivered On Time.

The Standard Hamburger Buns Were What Pérez Opted To Use Instead. He Suggested The Moniker “Whopper Jr.,” And The Chain Quickly Embraced It.

Burger King Recognized Pérez’s Innovation By Inducting Him Into The Business’s Hall Of Fame, And He Went On To Serve As President And Ceo Of Caribbean Restaurants, The Firm That Owned The Burger King Franchises In Puerto Rico, Until His Resignation In 2006.

This Man Passed Away In 2015.

Calculating The Figures

In The Realm Of Marketing, The Whopper Has Lived A Full And Eventful Life. “There Are 1024 Ways To Have A Whopper” Was One Of The Original Slogans For The Sandwich.

It Sounds Like A Braggadocious Non Sequitur At First, But There’s Actually Quite A Bit Of Arithmetic Behind That Claim.

You Can Think Of It This Way: If Something Is In Your Whopper, You Can Assign It A Value Of 0; If It Isn’t, You Can Assign It A Value Of 1. This Is Increased To The Total Number Of Ingredients That Might Theoretically Be Used To Make A Whopper.

They Settled On 1,024 As The Final Tally. Burger King Claims That The Real Figure Is 221,184, Given The Vastly Expanded List Of Add-Ons Available For The Whopper. Which Is Quite A Few Different Ways To Sample A Burger.

They Attempted To Prepare It For Breakfast

In 2014, Burger King Made The Decision To Conduct An Experiment By Adding The Whopper To Its Breakfast Menu.

This Decision May Or May Not Have Led Nutritionists And Health Experts All Around The World To Experience Cardiac Arrest.

Approximately 5,000 Of The Chain’s Restaurants Took Part In The Promotion, Which Was Given The Name Burgers At Breakfast

And Also Included The Inclusion Of Many Other Types Of Whopper Sandwiches, Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, And French Fries To The Menu For The Early Afternoon Hours.

The Competitor Of Burger King, Mcdonald’s, Responded In 2015 By Introducing A Breakfast Menu That Was Available Throughout The Day.

This Was A Move That, Despite The Fact That It Could Technically Be Considered To Be The Exact Opposite Of What Burger King Did, Made A Great Deal More Sense Nonetheless.

Do Not Cite Us On This, But We Would Hazard A Bet That It Is Always Going To Be A Lot More Popular To Give Them Muffins For Lunch Than To Force Them To Eat Burgers For Breakfast.

For A Whopper, How Much Would You Be Willing To Give Up?

Burger King Made Headlines In 2009 With The Whopper Sacrifice, A Radical And Controversial Commercial Campaign For The Whopper.

It Arrived As An App That, Once Downloaded, Allowed You To Redeem A Ticket For A Free Whopper By Unfriending 10 Facebook Friends.

The Program Would Then Notify Each Of Your Deleted Friends Of The Reason For The Unfriending And The Fact That You Were Only Worth One Tenth Of The Price Of A Whopper To Them.

Even Though The App Was So Creative That It Could Be Called Genius On The Part Of Burger King, Facebook Asked The Chain To Take The Notification Message Out Of The App.

As A Result, Burger King Scrapped The Whole Ad. But By Then, It Was Too Late For Many: About 234,000 People Had Been Unfriended For A Whopper.

Invasion Of The Whopper On Google Hardware

Burger King Wasn’t Content To Let The Whopper Sacrifice Be The Burger’s Only Foray Into The World Of Internet Trolling, So They Took Things To The Next Level In 2017 With The Launch Of Their Now-Famous Google Ad.

Again, The Concept Was Straightforward But Brilliant: A Burger King Worker Holds Up A Whopper And Says To The Camera, “Okay, Google, What Is The Whopper Burger?”

Any Google Home Device That Heard The Command Would Then Read Out A List Of The Whopper’s Ingredients From Wikipedia.

It Was A Clever Ploy That, As Expected, Infuriated Many People But Managed To Spark Debate All The Same. That’s Like Striking It Rich For A Commercial Campaign.

Probably What Burger King Didn’t Count On Was The Creativity Individuals Would Use To Undermine The Ad.

Wikipedia Contributors Have Altered The Whopper’s Description To State That It Is The Company’s Worst Burger And That It Consists Of A Flame-Grilled Cow Made With 10% Beef.

Meanwhile, A Third Person Tampered With The Paper To Make It Sound Like Eating A Whopper Will Give You Cancer.

From There, The Situation Worsened Rapidly. A Global Advertising Campaign By Burger King Soon Had Gadgets Proclaiming That The Whopper Was Composed Entirely Of Rat, Contained Cyanide, Was Produced Employing Children, And Was Substantially Inferior To The Big Mac.

Google Removed The Whopper Voice Command Just Three Hours After The Campaign Had Begun.

It Aided Ellen In Getting Started

The Whopper Has Had A Profound Effect On Humankind, What With All The Pals We’ve Lost To That App And The Inevitable Rise In Global Cholesterol Levels,

But Who Would Have Imagined It Would Have Also Launched The Career Of Ellen Degeneres?

Ellen Claimed (Via Huffpost) That She Attended A Charity Event While Carrying Only A Whopper, Fries, And Shake.

What Did She Say? “I Introduced Myself Onstage By Saying, “This Is My First Time Onstage, And I Have To Admit, I’m A Little Apprehensive.

I Was At A Loss For Words And Realized I Hadn’t Eaten All Day, So If It’s Okay With You, I Grabbed A Bite To Eat On The Way Here. Then, After A Brief Pause, I’d Remark, “But What I Wanted To Talk About Was…” Before Digging In.

I Would Bring My Finger To My Mouth And Say, “Oh, That Is Good,” As I Chewed. That’s Much More Satisfactory. Afterward, I Would Begin The Sentence All Over Again.

As I Gorged Myself On The Entire Meal, I Forgot To Even Complete My Thought.”

Her Career Took Off After That Skit, And She Eventually Evolved Into The Famous Ellen We All Know And Love.

They Contain Actual Horsemeat In The Production Process

Even Though The Whopper Has A Charming Backstory And Clever Advertising Campaigns And Catchy Slogans, The Truth Behind It Is Deeply Disturbing. Sort Of, At The Very Least.

During The Horsemeat Panic That Swept The Uk At The Start Of 2013, Burger King Was Forced To Admit That Some Of Its Burgers, Including Those Used In The Whopper, Had Been Tainted.

Burger King Shifted Production To Germany And Italy Out Of An Abundance Of Caution After Blaming A Supplier In Ireland For The Contamination. The Ramifications Of This Scandal Rippled Throughout The British Food Industry.

Burger King Conducted Independent Dna Testing On Their Meat At The Farm In Ireland Where It Was Raised, And The Results Showed Low Levels Of Equine Dna.

The Scandal Caused A Change Of Management At Silvercrest, The Burger Plant Where The Contamination Originated, And It Was Closed For Extensive Cleaning.

You Know, Just Something To Keep In Mind The Next Time A Fast Food Restaurant Boasts That Their Burgers Are Made Entirely Of Beef.

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