Here Are the Top 10 Most Recognizable U.S. Food Museums

Visit These Museums And Galleries To Have An Experience With Food That Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Had.

Exploring The World Of Food And Drink Isn’t Limited To Actually Consuming It. Go To One Of America’s Many Culinary Museums To Learn More About The History Of Your Favorite Dishes And Drinks.

You Will Learn More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Favorite Items, From Where They Are Created To How They Have Shaped American Culture.

What’s More, Many Of The Museums And Galleries You’ll Find Here Have More To Offer Than Just A Window Into The Past.

You’ll Embark On A Tour Of The Facilities Responsible For Creating These Staples Of The American Diet, And Along The Way You’ll Get To Try Out Some Of The Products Yourself.

Listed Here Are The Top 10 Most Well-Known Museums Dedicated To Food That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once.

Wyandot Popcorn Museum—Marion, Ohio

Visit The Wyandot Popcorn Museum For A Bowlful Of Laughs And Some Good Old-Fashioned Entertainment.

This Exhibit Never Runs Out Of Either Popcorn Or Roasted Peanuts, Which Is Fortunate Because Neither One Is Essential To The Experience Of Watching A Movie Or Going To The Circus.

In Addition, The Museum Houses The World’s Most Extensive Collection Of Refurbished Popcorn And Popper Machinery, As Well As Historic Wagons And Vehicles.

You Will Be Able To Savor A Bag Of Buttery Bliss While Simultaneously Gaining An Understanding Of Where It Originated.

Dr Pepper Museum—Waco, Texas

At The Dr. Pepper Museum In Waco, Texas, One Of The Many Things You Can Do Is Learn How To Create Your Very Own Soda.

This Is Just One Of The Numerous Activities You Can Try Out There. This Self-Guided, At-Your-Own-Pace Museum Experience Is One For The Record Books Since It Showcases Amazing Landmarks And Treasures Relating To Soda That Are Still In Astounding Shape.

And Even Though It May Come As A Surprise, Dr. Pepper Is The Oldest Soft Drink That Has Been Produced In The United States.

The Beverage Was First Manufactured In 1885, Just One Year Prior To The Introduction Of Coca-Cola To The Market. You Should Make Your Way To The South In Order To Investigate This Memorial To The Evolution Of Soft Drinks.

PEZ Visitor Center—Orange, Connecticut

Even Though Pez Candy Wasn’t Created In The Usa, It Became A Huge Phenomenon In The Country In The 1950s.

Pez Added New Dimensions To The Candy Industry, Presenting Itself As A Customizable Toy That Delivers Sweet Treats.

Inside The Visiting Center, Which Features Walls Lined With Collector Items, You May Learn All There Is To Know About The Production And Packaging Of Pez And Have A Great Time Doing It.

Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum—Vicksburg, Mississippi

You Can See The Original Coca-Cola Bottle, Which Was Made In 1894, In This Museum.

The Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum Is A Treasure Trove Of Pop Culture Artifacts, Original Coca-Cola Packaging, And Refurbished Bottling Machinery.

The 1890s-Style Confectionery Store Has Been Painstakingly Renovated To Sell Vintage Treats Like Fountain Cokes, Coke Floats, And Other Coca-Cola Memorabilia, Along With Recreating The Ambiance Of The Original Business.

Museum of Ice Cream—New York City, Chicago, and Austin

Everyone Screams When The Thought Of Ice Cream Enters Our Minds. What Was Meant To Be A Temporary Exhibition Has Grown Into A Multi-Stop Museum And Magical Experience Dedicated To The Frozen Dessert.

It’s Safe To Say That A Trip To Any Of The Three Museum Of Ice Cream Locations Will Leave You Both Delighted And Entertained, What With The Museum’s Brightly Colored Rooms And Seemingly Endless Supply Of Ice Cream Treats.

Enjoy Soft Serve On A Cone, A Root Beer Float, Or An Ice Cream Sandwich As You Explore The Museum’s Exhibits. Jump Into A Pool Of Big Sprinkles For Some Playground-Style Fun And Take Advantage Of The Many Photo Ops.

Beer Can Museum—Northampton, Massachusetts

If You’re A Fan Of Vintage Beers, Then You Should Visit The Beer Can Museum In Northampton, Massachusetts.

In 1975, Local Bar Owner And Collector Al Drew Turned His Establishment Into A Historic Landmark By Displaying His Extensive Collection Of Canned Beverages.

The Collection Was Begun In The 1940s, Just A Few Years After The First Steel Beer Can Was Produced In 1935, Making It An Important Part Of American Beer History.

You Can Play Pool Or Darts And Have A Pint Of One Of Several Pioneer Valley (Massachusetts) Brews While Perusing The Antiques And Memorabilia That Adorn The Walls.

The Hershey Story Museum—Hershey, Pennsylvania

Visit The Hershey Story Museum And Act Out Scenes From “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” For Real. Hershey’s Chocolate, One Of America’s Favorite Candies, Has A Complex And Multifaceted Relationship With The United States.

In This Museum, You Can Learn All About The Process Of Making Chocolate Through New And Exciting Exhibits. Even Milton Hershey Himself Might Serve As An Inspiration.

Although Mr. Hershey’s Early Efforts Were Unsuccessful, With Time, Effort, And The Advent Of Modern Advertising, He Eventually Became The Largest Chocolate Manufacturer And Distributor In The United States.

Idaho Potato Museum—Blackfoot, Idaho

Potatoes Are A Staple In Most American Homes. Idaho Is Also Home To A Museum Dedicated To The Celebration Of Potatoes.

You Can Get The Inside Scoop (Pun Intended) On Potato Farming And Production Throughout The Years, As Well As Potatoes In Film (Remember Mr. Potato Head From Toy Story?)

At The Idaho Potato Museum’s Exhibits And Murals. There’s Also A Lab Where You Can Try Your Hand At Some Of The Fun Scientific Experiments That The Real-Life Creators Of Potato Chips Came Up With.

SPAM Museum—Austin, Minnesota

If You Have A Penchant For The Canned Pork Product Known As Spam®, You Must Visit This Charming Museum In Minnesota. Learn About The Evolution Of Spam® And Its Cultural Significance In The United States On The House.

Explore Minnesota Claims That Visitors May Be “Approached By Sp Ambassadors Dishing Out Delectable Spamples” At Various Points Throughout The Tour.

After You’ve Finished Reminiscing About Your Fondest Spam® Moments, Stop By The Museum’s Gift Shop. Black Pepper, Garlic, Hickory Smoke, Jalapeno, Chorizo, Teriyaki, And Hot & Spicy Are Just Some Of The 15 Flavors Available In $3 Cans.

Jell-O Is Often Called “America’s Most Famous Dessert.” Since 1899, People Of All Ages In The United States Have Been Able To Enjoy The Lively And Jiggly American Classic.

Today, Visitors To This Storied Museum Can Get Their Sweet Dessert-Related Questions Answered. Discover The History Of Their Campaign Slogan “There’s Always Room For Jell-O,” And How Jell-O Was Once Subjected To Tests For The Detection Of Brain Waves.

There’s Jell-O Trivia To Play Along With All The Other Eye-Popping Action And Insightful Lessons.

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