Thanksgiving 2022 Will Have 21 Fast Food Restaurants Open

As For Me, I Have No Idea What I’ll Be Doing This Thanksgiving. Who Cares What You Do?

The Following Fast Food Restaurants Will Be Open On Thanksgiving Day In Case You Don’t Feel Like Cooking Or Have An Oven-Mergency.

It’s Also Important To Note That Franchisees Of National Fast Food Chains May Be Owned By Individuals, Whose Business Needs May Need Different Hours In Different Areas.

Calling Ahead To Make Sure A Business Is Open On Thanksgiving Is Always A Good Idea. We Also Provide All The Information You Need If You Prefer A More Formal Dining Experience Or Prefer To Prepare Your Own Meals At Home.

White Castle

The Same Goes For White Castle: All Of Their Locations Will Be Open, And If You So Desire, You Can Get Turkey Sliders At Any Of Them.


Yup! The Vast Majority Of Wendy’s Locations Are Open Nearly Every Day Of The Year With The Exception Of Christmas And Easter.


Subway Is A Chain Of Individually Owned Restaurants, So It’s Best To Contact Ahead To Confirm Hours.

Steak ‘n’ Shake

Everyone Deserves A Milkshake This Thanksgiving.


Yes! Some Sonic Drive-Ins May Be Closed On Thanksgiving, But The Vast Majority Will Be Open. Get In Your Car And Head On In!


What A Relief, Right?


Qdoba Is The Greatest Bet For Satisfying Mexican Food Cravings On T-Gives.


Where’s Turkey When You’ve Got Fried Chicken? (Once More, You May Want To Call Ahead To Confirm, But You Should Be Fine.)

Pizza Hut

You Can Place Your Order For A Pepperoni And Cheese Pizza At Any Time Now That Pizza Hut Is Open.

Papa John’s

On Thanksgiving, Feel Free To Indulge In Your Favorite Dessert And Top It With A Generous Helping Of Garlic Sauce If You So Desire.


It’s Likely That Your Local Mcdonald’s Will Be Open On Thanksgiving. However, Operating Hours May Vary Somewhat From Normal.

Remember What I Mentioned About Setting Up An Advance Phone Call? Try It Again.

Little Caesars

Get Your Fill Of Pizza Before You Get Into Turkey. We Won’t Judge. We Never Do.

Jack in the Box

Go Say Hello To Jack And Wish Him A Good Thanksgiving! It’s Going To Make His Day To See You.

Golden Corral

The Hours Change Depending On Location, Although Most Places Open At Eleven In The Morning. To 8 P.M.

El Pollo Loco

This Delectable Restaurant Will, At Certain Of Its Locations, Be Open On Thanksgiving, And In Addition To That, It Will Be Serving Various Specialties, Such As Chicken Tamale Bowls And Mac And Cheese, To Name Just A Few Examples.


To Be Really Honest, The Thought Of Drinking Coffee While Eating Doughnuts Makes Me Think Of Thanksgiving.

If You Have A Taste For Something Like That On That Particular Day, Don’t Hesitate To Stop By The Dunkin’ Donuts Near You.


Again, Please Be Sure To Call Ahead Before Just Showing Up On Thanksgiving Famished For Pizza And Pizza Alone At Your Local Domino’s, But There Is A Good Possibility That They Will Be Ready For You.

Cracker Barrel

In The Past, Cracker Barrel Has Even Provided Thanksgiving-Themed Meal Specials; However, Customers Were Required To Call Ahead And Make Reservations For These Dinners.

Burger King

Rather Than Completely Closing For Holidays, Burger King Locations May Have Altered Hours. Get The Hours By Calling Ahead (A Good Idea Anyway), But Else, Go Eat.

Boston Market

It Is Fantastic News That Boston Market Will Be Open On Thanksgiving, As This Means That You Will Be Able To Buy What Is Undoubtedly Always Going To Be The Closest Thing To Fast Food On Thanksgiving At Boston Market.


On Thanksgiving, You Can Really Step Up Your Game By Treating Yourself To An Oreo Shake And A Bourbon Street Steak.

However, To Be On The Safe Side, We Recommend That You Call Your Neighborhood Applebee’s To Confirm The Specific Hours.

Does McDonald’s work on Thanksgiving?

Does McDonald’s Serve Thanksgiving Dinner? Well, sort of. McDonald’s will likely be open on Thanksgiving in 2022, however hours will vary by region. You should phone ahead to a restaurant to find out what time it opens and closes.

What does Cracker Barrel have on Thanksgiving?

Take home a hot and ready Thanksgiving feast. Included are dinner rolls, cranberry relish, turkey gravy, country green beans, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole*, and turkey with dressing and gravy.

Is Chick Fil LA closed on Thanksgiving?

You presumably discovered this page because you want to know if you can visit us on Thanksgiving. None of us are. We’re spending the day to appreciate our feathered friends and remember the people in our lives who have helped us get where we are today.

What is the menu for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

How would you describe the typical Thanksgiving meal? Roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie are all staples of a classic Thanksgiving meal.

Can you Uber Eats on Thanksgiving?

The correct response is that Uber Eats will, in fact, continue to make deliveries on Thanksgiving.

Is Grubhub closed on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving dinner can be delivered through Grubhub. Check out Grubhub to see what local restaurants are offering for Thanksgiving dinner and then order ahead.

What is the most popular food on Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving feast is a staple of American culture, and the holiday itself is one of the most celebrated in the United States. A survey done in 2020 found that turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing or dressing were the three most popular sides served at Thanksgiving dinners across the United States.

How much is the individual Thanksgiving meal at Cracker Barrel?

You can get either one when you go to If you’d prefer not cook at all on Thanksgiving, Cracker Barrel will be open for business beginning at 11 a.m. till they lock the doors, if you will. An adult lunch costs $12.99, while a kid’s meal costs $7.99.

How much do Chick-fil-A workers make?

What is Chick-Fil-salary A’s structure like? On average, Chick-Fil-A Inc. pays its workers $12.06 per hour. Employees at Chick-Fil-A Inc earn between $8.50 and $18.90 per hour on average.

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