Mila Kunis had a wardrobe malfunction before her recent appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Although Kunis had all of her fittings in Los Angeles, not all of her clothes traveled with her to Brooklyn.

The costume department couldn't find good replacements, so Kunis had to borrow the essentials from her team.

During the interview, she made a joke about it, telling the audience that she even wore children's underwear for them.

The actress made the revelation as her New York audience booed her for saying she disliked pizza.

A pizza oven was the ironic gift Kunis's husband Ashton Kutcher gave her for their anniversary, as revealed by Kunis.

Kunis has been promoting her new Netflix film, "Luckiest Girl Alive."

The story revolves around a woman who is forced to confront her traumatic past as a result of a true-crime documentary.

The actress discussed Kutcher's 2019 Vasculitis scare and how the family overcame it during a different recent interview.